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Dynamic Environmental Systems Medical Facilities

Like contracting, the health care industry has changed dramatically over the past 30 years. Traditional approaches to medical care involving long-term, in-patient care are now replaced by “preventive” medicine and outpatient health services.

This new trend-fueled in part by new medical technology – means that many services that were once performed only in a hospital are now carried out in doctor’s offices, “treatment” centers “walk-in” clinics and medical laboratories. Taking the services out of the hospital and into the doctor’s office or a clinic has raised the need for appropriate services in a greater variety and number of health facilities.

Our employees are professional trained for biohazard cleaning and are reliable. Call us today for your free consultation.

Among the kinds of facilities that we are qualified to service are:

• Hospitals
• Nursing homes
• Offices for private practice
• Walk-in clinics
• Dentist offices
• Chiropractor offices
• Dental laboratories
• Radiology labs and treatment centers
• Ophthalmologist and optician offices
• Physiotherapist offices
• Athletic and rehabilitation clinics
• Medical research labs
Dynamic Environmental Systems Mission Statement
Dynamic Environmental Systems, Inc. is a professional team of well-managed, experienced, and dedicated personnel committed to providing the best personalized janitorial services and industry leadership to the clients of the parishes we serve.  We provide value to the individuals, customers, and those employed under DES, Inc. by exceeding expectations and ensuring quality results as a professional cleaning company.  In this process, we believe it to be our responsibility to both the community and the planet to provide safe, effective, and environmentally sound cleaning solutions with state of the art tools and equipment and a comprehensive plan of green cleaning chemicals and programs.